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Since 2007, Brandberry has enabled business owners to accelerate growth, build a business that works without them, and elevate every area of their lives. We offer highly specialized services and are skilled at identifying and delivering market-driven opportunities.

“Manasi began her career with The Times of India as a Relationship Manager.
After completing Master’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing and pursuing masters in mass communication. Worked with Pune’s leading advertising agencies, catering to construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail sector.
She is also certified in Digital Media Marketing from Shaw Academy, Australia.
Having scholarship in Leadership Management from Goldman Sachs 10K Women Entrepreneur with Indian partner Symbiosis International Pune and ISB Hyderabad.
Being a part of women entrepreneurs community around the world with business, management, education, mentoring and networking for business growth.”

Manasi Atole (Mcom, Masscom)

Founder, Brandberry

PBK Jewellers

As cash flow is very important in retail business, Brandberry has set customized SOP to have enough inventory to capture every possible sale while avoiding overstock and minimizing expenses. Implementing new ideas to improve cash in hand.

Kakade Collection

Studied internal and external buying behaviour. We set a few targets and milestones to remove old stock. We gave offers and schemes and put specific people to task. Now the inventory of old and slow moving stock is much under control. We have worked on System (SOP) on purchasing and inventory, which helped the shop to give maximum output of sq. ft ratio.

Chaitali Collection

Brandberry introduced new and modern ways of advertising and marketing tools. With unique ideas and personal one-on-one marketing helped a lot to gain and retain customers. Which help sustain their NP (Net Profit).